It takes 7 to 10 years for our balsam and fraser firs to become ready to deliver their Christmas magic.

A lot of work has to be accomplished during those years. A medium-size family farm means that we can take great care in each and every step, which leads to high quality Christmas trees grown respectfully of our environment.

The process starts with the buying of premium quality transplants from a nursery. We plant thousands of new transplants each year in May. Our manual plantation process involves a team of three people and special hand-tools that we developed ourselves. This process allows us to maintain a natural environment with different sizes of trees in most areas of the plantation.

Our commitment towards environmental best practices also means that we keep hays for a more natural soil and to help for pest prevention. Our pest control secret weapon is 100% environment friendly: ladybugs!

By combining preventive soil management techniques and ladybugs, we have been able to avoid using any chemical pesticide during the last five years. We may need to use pesticides at some point in the future to face special conditions, but we are committed to keep it to the minimum possible.

To preserve the beautiful shape of our balsam firs, all our trees are hand-pruned.

Since we are a medium-size producer, we can cut and pack our Christmas trees just before shipping. This ensures all our customers of only receiving fresh cut products. Every balsam fir is individually packed in Vexar netting before being shipped.

We are proud of our work, you will be proud to sell our Christmas trees to your customers!

Our Christmas tree farm

Balsam fir buds

Mailhot Christmas tree plantation

Soil with hays around Christmas trees

Time to cut Christmas trees

Christmas Tree Farm Address

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